Playing The Grand Theft Auto Games


The Grand Theft Auto games have been around for over 20 years now. The very first game was released in 1997 and the series has over a dozen titles today. There are spin-off games but the main series today is currently at number five. The series started off slow but began taking off as the genre became popular. Regardless of which GTA game it is, the general gameplay mechanics still apply.

How do you play these GTA games

The first GTA games in the series used an overhead view. It all began with GTA 3 and the following games followed its mechanic and that is using the third person view. You can find more details on GTA 5 Download on the site

The game is an open world game where there are no load times when players travel in the allowed area. The combat is also action oriented allowing players to shoot guns, use melee weapons or even just their bare hands.

There is a general story to follow. You take control of a character and later on numerous characters. The game directs the players on where they need to go to progress the story. The players will then do missions and they can vary to heist missions, fighting, item fetching and more.

While players can progress the story, one of the main appeals of GTA is you can do what you want. You can steal cars, shoot people, go on a crime spree and battle the police. That sounds all good but you still end up playing the story.

Just a few things to consider

The GTA games are a bit violent and have some mature content so make sure to check up on your children if they aren’t old enough to play it.You can always find a GTA free download online especially for the older games if you want to play them.The GTA series has grossed over billions of dollars and the next title maybe hitting the franchise soon.

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